Investment Management

At The Clark Group Asset Management, our goal is not just to grow your money but to preserve it as well. We understand that most investors do not have the tolerance to ride through major market declines or the time to wait for them to recover.

As a result, we spent years developing a set of tactical strategies that mathematically track the price of the market to identify long-term trends and to signal when to be in or out of stocks. Each of our proprietary strategies follows a strict set of risk management rules and has built-in exit points to minimize losses when conditions warrant – a discipline lost among most money managers and absent from all buy & hold strategies.

Our tactical strategies represent a core holding in most of our client’s portfolios which may also include satellite holdings in international equity funds and fixed-income securities depending on each client’s risk tolerance and need for diversification. In most cases, we invest in broad market Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to maximize diversification and keep expenses low. Our firm also utilizes the more traditional buy & hold approach, or strategic asset allocation, depending on the client's objectives and risk tolerance. 

Using a combination of in-house and independent third-party analysis, we will help you design a sensible asset allocation plan and then select the investments and strategies that are aligned with your goals and risk profile. At The Clark Group we work for you and our focus is on what is in your best interest.

Strategic Alliances